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Really fun platformer!

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I can't get past this hole.

Nevermind, I forgot that I could crouch. :P


Thank you so much for playing it c:

*loves u

Oh, I'm flattered. :3


Deleted 19 days ago

Hi ! Have you used Clickteam Fusion for developing your game


im actually using Game Maker Studio 1.4 for developing it! :)

Thanks for your reply!

If it was CF2.5 I can add it to the Cube OS Store (Check my game here) I need some devs that would like to add their games/apps to the Store :)

I just looked at it and this is a pretty nice idea haha!

I would love to add the game to your store but I have almost no idea of CF.

Maybe we can find a different solution! c:

Btw: nice need for speed most wanted background :3

Thanks ! Your game is also nice :)

I just replied to the issue you encountered in my game check it ;)

Thank you!